Custom Print Order For Artist 2022

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Order fine art prints for your markets, retail stores, private enjoyment, or for any other reason! Please place a separate order for each location that we are shipping the prints to.

Print Size

The size you select is the size of the print. If you select to have a white border, the printed image gets smaller. For example, if you choose an 8x10 print with a 1/2" border, the paper will be 8x10 and the printed image will be 7x9.


Choose which paper you'd like your piece printed on. All papers are archival quality for giclee prints. Note that we reserve the right to substitue a comparable paper if the stated paper isn't currently available due to supply chain issues.

Moab Entrada

Our most popular paper. It's a matte watercolor paper that is great for watercolor paintings, digital prints, works that aren't overly textured, and just about anything else. For artworks that were made using watercolor or a low textured technique, the prints are nearly indistinguishable from the original if you have a high enough quality image capture.

  • 190 gsm
  • 15.5 mil
  • 95% Brightness

Epson Premium Luster Photo Paper

Top quality semi-gloss paper. It's perfect for photographs, digital art, original art that was shiny, or anywhere else that you'd like a pop of gloss. 

  • 240 gsm
  • 10 mil
  • 97% Brightness

Moab Somerset Velvet

This is our most premium paper! It's a thick matte paper with a luxurious feel and a visible texture. Great for charcoal art work, watercolor, or any other art work where you want the nicest possible paper. For artworks that were made using watercolor or a low textured technique, the prints are nearly indistinguishable from the original if you have a high enough quality image capture.

  • 330 gsm
  • 24 mil

Epson Exhibition Canvas Matte

This matte canvas paper is a cotton/poly blend. It can be used flat or stretched. Perfect for works that were originally on canvas or to elevate a photograph or artwork originally on another flat medium. 

  • 395 gsm
  • 23 mil


Our prints, up to 18x24, come with a cardboard backing and plastic sleeve. Larger prints are rolled and sent in a tube. If you've left materials with us and we're drop shipping, we can insert your cards, stickers, or other branding.

Select to have your prints provided without packaging to save 3% on the price.

2" Border for Stretching

A great option for keeping shipping costs down is to send a print rolled and have it stretched by the recipient. Select this option and we'll add a 2" white border all the way around your print for easy stretching. THis option is only available for canvas.

Looking to get a print pre-stretched? Email us at, we offer this service on select sizes.

Border Size

Choose a border if you like how it looks or want to stick with standard size prints despite an odd sized image. You can choose whatever you'd like, but we don't suggest choosing 1/4". Standard size frame mats cut into the image 1/4", so it's very hard to frame an image with a 1/4" border without having small white slivers showing. Learn more here.

Even Borders or Cropping

Unless you stick with the exact ratio of the original painting, offering your work in different standard sizes involves a choice between cropping or uneven borders. In some cases only a slight crop is needed and that's the way to go. In other cases, significant cropping has to happen to keep an even border all the way around or to go borderless. If you choose to go with an uneven border (meaning it will be one size at the top and bottom and a different size on the sides), choose the minimum sized border you want above. If you aren't sure what to pick, reach out and we can go over it with you!

Digital Proof

Would you like to see a screenshot of the layout before we print? Let us know and we'll send it for approval before printing and shipping. If you're ordering a print from us that you've already ordered before, we'll use the same settings as last time. Even if you select not to see a proof and we think something doesn't look quite right, we'll still reach out. Note though, that if you choose not to see a proof, there are no refunds or discounts on reprints.

Need to see a physical proof? Order a print at whatever size you feel comfortable and have it sent to you or held for pickup. If you have any questions, email or call us.



If you haven't printed this piece with us before or if you want to be certain we're printing the right piece, upload the file here. If it's too big to upload, send it to us by Dropbox, Drive, or WeTransfer to


Let us know the name of the piece we're printing. This is helpful if we already have the files and you print multiple things with us.

Print Terms & Condition

Read our terms and conditions for prints here.