To Juxtapose The Past With A Fixed Time And Place: (Sequence 2) Art Print

Michael P. Toussaint
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To Juxtapose The Past With A Fixed Time And Place is a 20" H x 28" W limited edition print by artist Michael P. Toussaint. Printed on our finest matte watercolor paper. Prints will include a 1.5" border.

The photo depicted an undefined gray grid. It was a photo-concentrate, a charged image. Toussaint had assembled pictures of himself from throughout his life and photographed them. He then modified the selection and placement and photographed the new arrangement. Once he had enough, he placed these new photos, their images already small, into new placements and photographed those. He repeated the process until the final image was an undefined grid of gray, a concentrated image of his life, an exhaustive reconstruction of consciousness, a consciousness no longer bound by corporeal restraints.