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Heather Prall
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Heather Prall is a Colorado based artist and curator whose work is constantly pushing the boundaries of her creativity, stretching to create unique pieces that explore the limitations of acrylic paint. Her distinct textures and forms are formulated through intellectual processes and techniques that demonstrate her mastery of her practice. 

Whisper is an intellectually sound piece, humbly demanding attention within the space it occupies. The blue drips from the top of the piece make the burnt orange background pop enthralling the viewer. Our archival fine art prints are a near perfect replica of the original piece, the textures and colors are translated beautifully for you to enjoy for years to come. 

This giclee fine art print is based on an original painting by Heather Prall. 

The print is produced with archival ink on watercolor paper. That means with proper care it will last a lifetime.

Print Details 

This print uses Moab Entrada paper, an archival quality watercolor paper. This was chosen by the artist to best capture the effect of the original. The prints do not have a border, frames are sold separately. 

Final prints may be cropped slightly compared to the product image due to the various size options having different ratios. Color matching is not guaranteed since color displays differently from monitor to monitor.

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Whisper by abstract artist Heather Prall is a captivating piece composed of blue drips onto a vibrant orange background, adding a flair of personality to your imagination. The striking contrast of complementary colors combined in a harmonious configuration are characteristic of Heather’s work.