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Heather Prall
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Heather Prall is an abstract painter based in Colorado. She works primarily in acrylics with an emphasis on techniques and processes to create her uniquely conceptual pieces. Each viewer is invited in to create their own interpretation of her work, allowing for a truly individual connection the owner or viewer can hold on to. 

Up in Smoke is a calming and misty scene to get lost into. You can almost feel the warmth of the smoke rising to greet you as you take in the scene. The stark white and black contrast is a striking element that can blend easily into any space regardless of the color of the walls. Our fine art prints on archival watercolor paper are a near perfect replication of the original piece.

This giclee fine art print is based on an original painting by Heather Prall. 

This piece is printed with an ink jet printer on archival matte watercolor paper. With proper care and a beautiful frame, this print will last a lifetime. 

Print Details 

This piece is printed on Moab Rag Entrada paper, a high quality matte watercolor paper. This was chosen by the artist to best capture the effect of the original piece.  These prints come with an approximately 1/4 in border. Frames are sold separately. Get your prints framed and ready to hang with our premium wood frames.

Final prints may be cropped slightly compared to the product image due to the various size options having different ratios. Color matching is not guaranteed since color displays differently from monitor to monitor.

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Up in Smoke by Heather Prall is a minimalist black and white piece that gracefully balances oppositions of light and dark. The build of layers create a complex texture within the cloud formation rising into the abyss.