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Heather Prall
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Heather Prall is a Colorado artist whose work is characterized by abstract forms, pushing the boundaries of her acrylic medium. Her work often contains elements of contrasts, whether in color or form. The balance between these opposing elements make for a truly dynamic and intellectual composition.

Convergence is the moment where clarity and chaos combine in a harmonious manner. The combination of grey and a deep red are a timeless and classy move. This print is a fabulous centerpiece to any space, allowing for conversation or contemplation.

This giclee print is a reproduction of the original painting by Heather Prall. 

This piece is printed with archival ink on high quality watercolor paper. With proper care and a beautiful frame, this print will last a lifetime. 

Print Details

This print uses Moab Entrada paper, an archival quality watercolor paper. This was chosen by the artist to best capture the effect of the original. These prints do not have a border and frames are sold separately. 

Final prints may be cropped slightly compared to the product image due to the various size options having different ratios. Color matching is not guaranteed since color displays differently from monitor to monitor.

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Convergence by abstract artist Heather Prall is a classy and elegant juxtaposition between a chaotic, almost explosive form and a thick, confident red line. The balance between the two elements make this piece an intuitively intellectual addition to any space.