Rebekah Griffith: Building the Foundation of a Strong Business Through Relationships

Posted by Heather Prall on Feb 23rd 2022

Rebekah Griffith: Building the Foundation of a Strong Business Through Relationships

Colorado Impressionist Rebekah Griffith

Rebekah Griffith graduated from Western State University in 2016 with a BA in Fine Art with an emphasis in painting and minor in Business Administration. Soon after she returned to Denver, excited to focus on the Colorado gallery scene. Her marriage in 2018 moved her away from the city to Oklahoma for a couple of years. She has just recently returned to Colorado again to focus on painting and exhibiting. 

Early in her art career, Griffith focused on creating deep, overarching themes. More recently her work is guided by common subject matters that are of interest to her. She now paints animals, people, and landscapes, in an impressionist style. A reoccurring theme you will find in her work is a quiet steadiness and peace. She describes her motto for her artwork as “encouragement, warmth and life”. Through her work, she invites the viewer to see beauty and peace in themselves and in their surroundings. 

Griffith explains that the thrill and joy of the process is what draws her back repeatedly to continue creating artwork. She is constantly amazed at the creation process as an image emerges on canvas, brush stroke by brush stroke. Discovering the way that colors and patterns come together captivates her. She describes her love for art and creativity as a gift. 

A big focus for Griffith is on building relationships with her admirers and collectors. She relishes in the opportunity to meet folks at art markets and exhibitions. Follow up emails, personal thank you notes, and newsletters have become a staple in her business. Nurturing these relationships have been important in strengthening and building a successful business. 

Impressionist painting by Colorado artist Rebecca Griffith

Griffith makes a point to frequent a variety of local gallery openings, for the opportunity to network with the art world. Personal networking has allowed her to learn about local opportunities where she can showcase her work. She says she is selective about where she shows, as she wants to ensure it will be a good fit for her. She often researches galleries online to get a feel for price point and aesthetic. Getting to know the gallery owner is also important for her, since showing with a gallery means entering a contract and having an ongoing relationship.

Colorado Artist Rebecca Griffith

Many sales for Griffith have come from showing her work in physical galleries, online gallery platforms and at art markets. Typically, sales from her website have been the result of a collector first discovering her work in a gallery. While galleries remain a viable way to show her work, she also places an emphasis on building a personal collector list. 

Instagram has been a great tool in helping Griffith to seek out ways to show her work, as well as building relationships with other artists. She describes her unique strategy for handling Instagram as “Instagram works for me; I don’t work for it”. She prefers to focus on sharing paintings she is proud of versus focusing on the number of likes and follows on social media.

Instagram Reels have become a fun way for Griffith to engage others in discussion. She keeps things light and fun with a focus on creating personal relationships with others. She often finds she makes herself laugh, which is what leads her to continuing to create reels.

Griffith defines her goals for her business as simple. She has a desire to enjoy painting and for others to continue to enjoy her work. Where the result is ongoing sales so that she can continue the cycle of being a creator.