Kimberlee Rose Smith's Inspiration: Nature and Scripture

Posted by Heather Prall on Oct 26th 2021

Kimberlee Rose Smith's Inspiration: Nature and Scripture

Since childhood, Kimberlee Rose Smith has always had a desire to create. She was deeply inspired by her art instructor in high school to explore a career in art. Smith has experimented with many different forms of art including pottery, photography, and painting. Over the years, she found that realistic landscape paintings were her niche.

Kimberlee Rose Smith painting in the woods

During the college years, Smith continued taking art courses. These classes, combined with having an art mentor, helped her to hone a unique style. After spending several years now being a professional artist, she realizes what a gift it is to do what she loves for a living.

The biggest challenge in pursuing art as a career, has been in balancing the creative output with the need to market her artwork and run a business. She also recognizes the importance of each artist finding their unique style. Over time she has developed a confidence that has helped her settle in to managing it all.

Artist Kimberlee Rose Smith's painting tools

Being from Tennessee and living near the Smokey Mountains, Smith finds much inspiration in the beauty of the surrounding scenery. She loves hiking and getting outside for adventures. When in the studio, her imagination runs wild.

Artist Kimberlee Rose Smith's first layer when painting is a scripture that inspires that piece

Scripture is the common theme that you will find running through much of her artwork. On the first layer of each painting, she starts with scripture from a passage in the Bible. When signing her works, she also includes what the scripture inspiration was for that piece. Her intent is to pass along the message of God’s word in the hopes that others will become closer to Him.

When Smith and her husband moved into the current home near Knoxville, TN, they converted a five-foot by seven-foot storage closet into an art studio. Surprisingly it has room for supplies, along with shelving and storage, and a place for her to sit and paint. Although it’s a small space, she describes it as being the perfect place to create.

The Smiths are pregnant and expecting a child next spring. They are grateful that the art business will allow Kimberlee to be at home with their little one. She says that she can already feel the creative inspiration that a child will bring into her world. She is hopeful that her creative inspiration can be passed along to her future children.

Printist has helped Smith grow her business by making fine art prints available to her customers. She says that the offering has been an easy and fun way to continue to make her artwork more accessible. We are excited to partner with her and watch her business continue to grow and thrive.

Close up of canvas prints from Kimberlee Rose Smith

See Kimberlee's available prints here. Learn more about her practice at her website.