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Nathan Linhart
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These paintings were created by Nathan Linhart after he was diagnosed with Multiple System Atrophy (MSA). All proceeds of the print sales will go directly to Defeat MSA Alliance.  Your contribution is greatly appreciated and we thank you for your consideration helping us not only in honoring Nathan’s life and battle, but ultimately by helping us in our efforts to hopefully one day have a cure for MSA.

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These paintings were created by Nathan Linhart after he was diagnosed with Multiple System Atrophy (MSA).  This disease is a rare neurodegenerative disorder and is considered a Parkinson’s Plus disease as it progresses much quicker than Parkinson’s Disease.  It significantly affects the autonomic functions of the body, such as causing dangerously low blood pressure, digestion issues, problems with urination and constipation, sleep disorders, breathing problems, and more.  Since Nathan was quickly unable to continue his active lifestyle playing tennis and basketball, he traded his sports gear for a paintbrush and pursued creating abstract art.  Painting was beneficial for him in so many ways, including the chance to give him moments to look forward to and helped keep his mind off of the physical discomfort from the effects of the disease.


Nathan was incredibly proud of what he was able to create, even though he lacked formal training, because painting was something he could share in common with his daughter who is an artist, and because he was passionate about being able to share his work with friends and family.  He loved hearing what shapes and creatures others saw in the finished work.  The joy and excitement he had for making each piece is evidenced by the bright colors and energetic lines that dance across the canvas.

Unfortunately Nathan did not have enough time to make a painting for each person he cared for in his life.  He fought his disease hard, and made it very clear that he wanted to give back in some way to help others who have MSA.  Though there is no cure, no known cause, and no way to slow progression of the disease, there are opportunities to support research, advocacy, and awareness.  Prints of three of his paintings are available to help raise funds for Defeat MSA Alliance, an organization run entirely by volunteers dedicated “to achieve a five-fold mission:  1) To build a world that truly supports people with MSA, 2) To foster better medical education about MSA, 3) To increase public awareness about living with MSA, 4) To cultivate promising research into treatments and slowing MSA, and 5) To advance the interests of all people challenged by MSA.”

Print Details

This piece is printed on Exhibition Canvas Matte paper, an archival quality paper. This was chosen by Nathan Linhart’s daughter, Chelsea Howell to best capture the effect of the original pieces. There are no borders on this print and the artist’s signature is printed on the piece.  

Final prints may be cropped slightly compared to the product image due to the various size options having different ratios. Color matching is not guaranteed since color displays differently from monitor to monitor.